Marketing and Sales Consultancy Services

Executive Summary

This business plan is prepared in conjunction with a new start up business i.e. The company has recently been established to cater the UK market in particular and worldwide in general. The company’s head office will be based in London, UK. The main objective of establishing the business is to tap the prevailing potential in marketing and sales consultancy market, because of an anticipated rise in this field due to recent economic climate in the country. It is expected that companies will need more specialised marketing and sales consultancy to put them again on the right path to grow and prosper. The company will be providing various marketing and sales consultancy services to small and medium sized organizations. These services will include assessing and researching the current marketing activities of the client organisations. Moreover, developing and implementing new marketing and advertisement campaigns to better promote the products and services of the companies. This will ensure more informed and better decision making by the management for developing new businesses in diverse markets. The company will offer a breadth and mix of local and international experience, across marketing, sales and service sector that is pragmatic, practical and cost effective. The company will promote itself in the market as a premier provider of these services. These services will be restricted to the above mentioned fields only.

General Company Description The company will provide high added value to its clients with the ability to create value both for clients and themselves by providing them growth opportunities and reducing their costs of doing business. The increased profitability and cost reduction for the clients will be the ultimate objective and it will be performed by the unique capability of the company. This strategy will ensure long term relations with clients and more profits for the stakeholder organisations.

Products and Services

Company will provide marketing and sales consultancy services to the customers and clients. These services will include,

  • Identifying and planning new marketing strategies
  • Marketing Strategy Development
  • Market Research
  • Planning and delivering Sales force effectiveness  training and development programmes

It is understood that the clients may need these services under very confidential environment, so company will prepare and train its staff to deliver such services swiftly, while maintaining the confidentiality of the clients.

Marketing Plan

The marketing and sales consultancy market is very competitive, but at the same it is very lucrative.  Management has planned a massive marketing and advertising campaign. In the first phase a good website will be launched with personal visits to the potential customers. Initially small and medium sized private companies in herbal and natural medicines, GSL medicines, retail, food and service sector companies will be the main targets for the company.

Management and Personnel Team

The business will be managed by the directors Mr. A, who will act as a Marketing Manager as well. His duties will to discuss the client’s requirements and planning basic and advance research based on surveys. These surveys may include face to face interviews or in the form of written questionnaires. Further Mr. A will record and analyses the reactions of the clients and customers in response to the services offered. He will to be responsible for controlling and recruiting marketing staff as well.

The second director Mr. B will act as a Sales Manager. He will liaise with other staff to determine the range of goods and services to be offered to the clients. He will further examine and analyses the sales figures and prepare proposals for marketing campaigns and promotional activities.

 The directors’ philosophy is to grow in the market by providing highly customised services to the clients with major focus on the UK small and mid-sized business organizations. The directors have anticipated a surge in sales and marketing consultancy market and the companies will be desperate to grow their business after recession. Both the directors have very close relationships with many executives in such companies and hope to get valuable business through their personal relationships and with effective advertisements.

Financial Plan

The services described above are in a great demand in the current time period. The company’s objective is to be profitable from the first year of the business. The money amounting to £50,000 will be available to spend at different variables like fixed costs, variable costs, training and development of employees, marketing and advertising.

The projected profit and loss statement for three consecutive years has been shown in the following table.

Projected Revenues and Profitability
YearRevenuesExpensesGross Profit

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