Impact of IT, Websites its different factors, on Customer’s Loyalty, CRM & on Profitability of Company

  1. Introduction

This is the era of technology, and technology is changing with very speed, with the passage of time there is rapid change in technology. The main purpose and advantages of technology also affecting the attitudes of customers because technology is also effecting the mode of purchasing as well as companies are also have the opportunities to capture more clients from the market. Large and small companies and nonprofit companies like fund raising and other NGO’s are also using the modern technology and procedure to take maximum advantages, by offering their product and doing marketing and also looking for raw material supplier and labor from all over the world. This affects financially and quality wise, and in this way companies have chance to improve their internal and external weaknesses and try to get some kind of advantages, benefits and features in their services and goods over their competitors.

Similarly internet has its impact on the companies; many companies are using this technology to designing the website for marketing purpose and offering their products and services all over the world in achieving their goals and objectives.

1.1 History and problem

Creating website and through internet companies now have the opportunities to communicate with clients and capturing more clients in an effective way. Similarly there are many benefits for companies and customer in using these technologies. Customers from all over the world have the choice to buy best products and companies have the choice to communicate with clients and customers from far away and in this way customers and companies have good control and interaction directly with each other’s by saving each other’s time and money.

(Introduction of the company about 200 words)

Now in this era we are living in twenty first century and this is called science century, everywhere in all sectors everywhere is science technology. Customers are in all over the world, due to internet now days world has become global village, people are more conscious about time value and financial and quality conscious, their main priority is to save their time and money in every prospect of their life, either they are going for shopping goods for home, for offices or hiring services for any kind of purpose, they have very limited time for shopping. So they want to save their time and in short time they want to do many activities because now day people are more social and they want to spend most of the time with their families and friend or even then with their family friend and in different parties, friend parties or family friend parties.

They want to save their time actually and internet is providing the main facility to save their time in a way that they can buy and do their shopping through internet. Internet is providing the facility to search for good products or services and by sitting in their offices homes or even then on the way they can look, choose the product or services and just pay the money online for a product or service. Similarly if a company is looking to hire best services of a professional or for skilled or unskilled person, or looking for raw material supplier or looking for distributors or manufactures as well as they have the opportunities of internet and can save their time and money and hire the appropriate person or purchase the best one product by having a large number of alternatives and selecting suitable among all, and in this way the company will save its time and money, because the company have the opportunity to choose best one from all over the world.

The researcher main focus is on the impact of website on customer loyalty, so as internet is the main source of communication between customer and business organization, now companies are using the facility in productive way to communicate their massages to the public by creating their own websites and providing the opportunity of shopping from very far away. Now by using internet marketing is more suitable for sellers, manufacturers and suppliers and even then for vendors.

1.2 Website Developing

There are many advantages of website due to its different characteristics like the fast way of communication with most reliability and validity, data can be traced with no passage of time, no wastage of time, as data can be accessed very quickly then the data can be retrieved very quickly, and in couple of moments the feedback is given in proper way, customer’s complaints are very easy to handle and due to central data base it is also very fast and quickly that important decision are easy to make by making it sure that service provided was so quality level. And one more interesting and amazing feature of website is that during journey, in and out of home, in meetings and even then on job it is very to remain always in contact with clients, with distributors and suppliers. So managing the business is very easy through internet and same with customers they can buy any product any time, from anywhere with no wastage of time. The customers have to only spend few minutes on website and after selecting the product or service, just pay the amount and get the delivery well in time. Now look in this way both parties can save their time and money in an efficient way.

There are some other advantages of website to create loyalty and retaining clients like it is very easy for any client and customer to access the website any time means twenty four hours and seven days in a week, websites have access to open and do trade from all over the world, marketing and communication is very easy and it provides a chance to increase the number of clients very easily from all over the world, time saving, reliability, validity, data protection and cheaper are the main advantages of websites and hence collectively these benefits leads to increase the loyalty of customers.

There are following objectives the researcher has to conduct this research, the main objective of the researcher is to find out the main characteristics of a website then the next objective is to know about the impact of that website on the customer’s loyalty in enhancing the loyalty in customers and the last main objective is to know about the characteristics that will attract the customers to create the loyalty at maximum level.

  1. Literature Review

In this section the researcher will describe the review literature about the website development and internet marketing and it’s contributing in creating customer loyalty by website features and impact on customer loyalty and overall impact on organizational objectives in achieving. The researcher will also review the literature about the specific features of a website that are useful to creating loyalty and customer loyalty link in creating satisfaction and resultantly in achieving organizational objectives. The researcher will also review the literature about the internet marketing and its impact on the trade now a day.

Link between Website development and customer’s loyalty

Quality of services is a major issue that is described by the features of a service while designing the electronic service, and business organizations are now designing the websites of their companies according to the perceptions of the clients (Dube et al. 1999).

During website designing, or electronic service providing designing there are always different and opposite opinions and non formal suggestions (Siegel, (1997); Greenspun, (1999); Hanson, (1999) and Nielsen, (2000)).

The researcher has found out that there are some problems while constructing the web pages for any company and as it is clear already that by creating the websites with some characteristics, to create client’s loyalty to retain them and for repurchasing, similarly when there are some problems with the creating web pages then this is not possible to achieve organizational aims and objectives in well manner.

There are many problems related with web page designing and especially these problems affect in negative sense in attaining the basic objectives of an organization (Hoffman et al. (1995); Spiller and Lohse, (1998); Heim et al. (2000) and Heim and Sinha, (2002)).

There is a strong relationship between the quality of service and website characteristics (Heim et al. 2000).

Now a days the shopping trend has been completely changed, it is true that some big stores have a portion of customers from the market but internet has been changed the way of shopping, and a large number of clients are now choosing internet for shopping, the different website have been visited by the eighty percent of the clients from years 1997 to till 2000 and it is the large proportion that showed the trend of change towards electronic shopping due to customer’s satisfaction and loyalty (Fortune, 2000).

Actually customer loyalty can be created through offering very low costs products and internet marketing has this characteristic and this loyalty due to such characteristics that provides the basic level of client’s satisfaction, and the client who is loyal with the company is actually in a relationship with the company’s long term relationship for profit earning, and this is also called the equity. Internet has cleared one thing that the actual valuable thing is consumer who is focusing on the product and some other prospects like financial and quality and easy way of receiving delivery and through customization, the consumer enable to customize the product by visiting the website of a company easily. And can get other benefits like membership and earn more benefits like discounts. These consumers actually create the value for organizations.

As there are two main strategies adopted by each organization to achieve its organizational objectives, number one is the corporate strategy and second is the operational strategies, operational strategies always have the policies and action plans that are used to achieve the corporate level objective of an organization, and organizations should focus their clients in operational strategies and these should be implemented in such a way that it supports to the corporate level strategies to achieve organizational objectives.

Link Between Website development and Quality of Service

Service quality is the main important aspect of website because customers have in their mind the expectations about the quality of the services, and this quality is the result of a website that offers such kind of quality. Website must have the efficiency that is why many organizations design the websites according to the perception of clients regarding delivering the services to customers. But there is a problem, when resources are too limited then it is not possible for companies to design the website that has the potential of creating long term relationship with customers by offering loyalty and capturing new clients from market, and when there are limited resources then it is impossible to design such a website that can deliver those quality services as per client’s perception, but some features can satisfy the customers to retain them by creating loyalty, and this decision will be more complex (Heim, and Sinha, 2002).

Now customers are using the internet and their main focus is to buy the products or services through visiting websites and on the same time, the companies are implementing the electronic marketing for research and development and marketing their services and products to capture more clients from the market by considering all the main issues that can create loyalty by offering quality services and quality products by giving financial benefits to the customers and some other features as those features are discussed above. So the main consideration and actually success for business companies is to make sure that the customer are perceiving best quality of services through website and website has all the features those are helpful in creating loyalty through providing quality so that customers again and again come back to repurchase the services and goods.

Website actually provides a large number of products or alternatives and provides a chance to select the best one according to price and quality as per customer’s requirements. Customers save their time in travelling and selecting and then comparing the product, but through website online shopping, customer’s have a chance to select lowest price items or services, and easy mode of payments and delivery mode, through website customer can have facility to customize the service or product that can affect their budget and need.

To develop the website, companies must have some resources to design, develop and launch the website on the internet with the features to capture the clients because other competitors are also in the market, and while studying marketing research, it was proved that loyalty of customer, means client’s loyalty is based on the client’s satisfaction (Zeithaml et al. (1990); Rust, (1995); Anderson et al. (1997) and Fornell, (2000)).

There is a large factor of cost which is associated to the customer while visiting the website is that the cost. And second one is the time. The main quality of website is that, the customer visit again the website to repurchase the product, and due to low cost the client has no time and much cost to spend for travelling and then spent a large time in selection and then making comparison among products and then buy, so the client now day prefer to go online on the website of company and select the best one product and pay the amount and get the delivery at door step, and in this way he or she saves the time, money and satisfaction.

Marketing through Internet channel

Today is the era of computer science, because computer science is facilitating customers and organizations. These days this computer science technology has changed the throughout procedures and flow of work in the organizations and now all the countries of world become as village, computer science has reduced the distances and there are many other features as well like through the websites (having some features) are creating loyalty among customers and organizations. The researcher is gathering secondary data regarding website impact on customer loyalty.

Smith and Chaffy (2005) has been described that internet marketing is used to achieve the goals and objectives of an organization by using internet facility. This means that companies having their own websites can achieve their goals and objectives through internet marketing by using the new technology of internet from all over the world and can achieve their objectives by capturing more and new and retaining the old client from all over the world because today due to internet whole world is connected and it is possible now a day to buy any good or service from anywhere now and quality product can be buy from internet because this is possible to make comparisons easily regarding price and quality of goods or services.

Business organizations can obtain their all goals and objectives by using internet and using the electronic marketing and all other activities related with marketing on internet like product designing, product pricing and placement through internet and in this way these organizations can create loyalty as well through providing quality products and satisfying their clientage (Strauss and Frost, 2005).

Characteristics of Effective Website

The literature review shows that in the business organizations the website design create customer loyalty. Researcher means that the website of company if has some characteristics then it is possible that the website can create customer loyalty by providing the customers the satisfaction as if it should the main purpose of website designing and launching, then the customer loyalty can be achieved. If organizations think that the website developing is as the producing unit then it is possible and while development phases all the prospective of a website and customer’s satisfaction should be consider as a main output of the website and sales as well to earn more revenue so in this way the company. There are many customers and all have different levels of satisfaction, the satisfaction depends on the expectations of the clients.  The quality of services is actually the difference among the expectations in the customers mind and customer’s perceived service (Zeithaml et al. 1990).

There is a relationship between customer satisfaction and the website because due to the characteristics of good and well designed characteristics of website designed that triggers the customers to buy the products. Clients always count the length of information that is given in the website about the product and its features, comparatively the advantages of products over competitive product and other advantages of product or services. So the first characteristics of a website must be the information of product qualities mentioned in the catalog, and this catalog must be according to the preference of the client, and the website must be user friendly, the language used in the website must be easy to understand for every client. There must be the search engine within the website about the products. Business organizations are considering the electronic commerce issues (Teo et al. 2003).

Organization can be successfully achieved their goals of quality services and attempt the client’s satisfaction and their expectations about quality of services, when the organizations consider about the delivery media in their mind while designing the electronic services, and this service media creates the client’s value (Zeithaml et al. 1990, Heskett et al. 1997).

There are some characteristics of website that are contributing in building customer loyalty and ultimately or finally customers loyalty is contributing in company performance, in which includes the pictures of products or services, search facility in the website, location map, shopping cart, scientific calculator that enable clients to calculate the exact amount, delivery way, different options and through website delivery order tracking mechanism and information about the availability of product in the store, and information about usage and handling the product and expiry date and all information in detail about the product, ingredients, discount option like membership option, clients number and login facility, mode of payment and offerings, these all characteristics play their role in creating customer’s loyalty because these characteristics create quality.

Link between Objectives of Organization and Customer’s loyalty

The main objective of this research is to find out the impact of websites on the customer’s loyalty contributing in achieving organizational objectives.

Internet is playing its role very effectively in the business industry in achieving organizational objectives by internet marketing and online shopping (Teo et al. 2002).

Organizational objectives is never achieved without achieving and retaining customers, customers can be captured through good marketing activities and using effective media channel and delivering effective and clear message to the population and after the marketing successfully then the next step is to have the loyalty among the clients regarding the company that will bring back these clients to again buy those products or services.

Porter, (2001) has been described that now a day many customers are using online shopping, and in this way through computer science there is a big support towards business transactions.

Companies can have many advantages by creating relationships with clients on long term or short term to earn profits and other advantages like good image of company and good will of company by creating loyalty. Through internet it is possible for companies to create loyalty through stepwise marketing of company agenda and offerings variety available at different costs and very good quality and other marketing strategies and as compared to competitors adopted technologies. Through internet marketing is easy and there are more chances to capture large market share throughout the world.

According to Buttle, (2004) that described about the benefits of relationship with customer to a company, many customers have the desire to remain in a relationship with the company, because if the company recognized them, it is beneficial for them regarding customization.

In some case the customers want to create a long term relations with the organizations they know that they can get many kind of advantages if they have good long term relationships with the company like for some kind of rewards and upgrade offers after a long term past experience and buying services or items.

Similarly organization also can get many benefits by having some relationships with clients.

Main objective of each business organization is to earn profit by offering services or goods and through quality, by creating loyalty (Reicheld and Sasser, 1990).

Loyalty is always after the proper satisfaction of customer’s needs and wants, but it is the loyalty that brings back again the customer to again buy the product to overcome its needs and wants up to a certain level of satisfaction (Jones and Sasser, 1995).

Business organizations should focus on the expectations of their clients and know about their needs and demands to satisfy them in better way to achieve organization’s main goals and objectives, because without satisfying their customers it is not possible to earn money, which is ultimately the organizational objective to achieve and main purpose of investing money (Schlesinger and Heskett, 1991).

Customer’s loyalty and the buying behaviour of the client are two main factors on the behalf of them any organization can measure the satisfaction of client, because when ever client will come again back to buy again the item or service, its mean that he or she is satisfied by consuming the goods or services before (Getty and Thompson, 1994).

The main difference in the quality of delivery or experienced after consuming the product and needs and wants then the loyalty can be created in the client, because loyalty is related with satisfaction (Kandampully and Suhartanto, 2000).

Through website while designing customer loyalty remain always focus on the top of the priority list and this consideration never forget by the developer and other all factors are also included in the features and characteristics of website.

There is a strong relationship is there always between loyalty and satisfaction, satisfaction depends on loyalty, and profit depends on loyalty (Helgesen, 2006).

Repurchasing of any product or service depend on the past results obtained by consuming the goods or services by the customers (Kim, 2005). It is possible to measure the satisfaction of a client, but it is necessary to satisfy a customer first then on the behalf of loyalty (Gundersen et al. 1996). The relationship of a company with its clients affects the objectives like good will and profit for which the organization is striving and investing the money into business operations and activities (Anderson et al. (1994); Yeung et al. (2002); Luo and Homburg (2007)).

The above discussions and literature review showed that it is necessary for any organization to achieve its goals and objective to create first of all the loyalty by providing quality of goods and services and create such kind of website that has the characteristics to create the loyalty among its customers so that customers again come again purchase those products and contribute in achieving organizational objectives like growth of company and profit. And now day people want to buy the products and want to do shopping from their homes and using internet, but they need some characteristics, that triggers them to buy and those characteristics can generate loyalty by showing quality of products through the provided information about that product and some other benefits, comparisons, advantages over competitors and features. There are some kinds of people like some are quality conscious and some are quality conscious, now day the quality and price conscious are more active, because due to large competition almost clients have same needs and demands and on the basis of research and development, companies are offering good quality of services and on the expectations of customers companies the offering the services and products.

Effective website and expected results

Websites are designed and launched to achieve organizational objectives like to earn more revenue and then profit, and good will. And it depends on the volume of products offered in the website and the frequency of visitors on that website to purchase the items or services. The number of visits depends on the level of satisfaction of customers affect the buying of products. Website designs with characteristics also affect the visitor’s frequency of their visits on the specific website. And the marketing strategies and satisfaction level always brings more new customers to visit the website and to retain old client by creating more loyalty among customers and companies. Website performance and effectiveness can be measured through some factors; the main and important factors that contribute in the efficiency of a website are the volume of information about any product or service on the website and necessary updates are also recommended with the passage of time, secondly the environment of website that how much the website id user friendly, and some other ethical considerations are also contribute towards the performance of website (Fortune, 2000).

The user friendly environment of a website depends on the tools and information about product used during the development phase of a website. And the mode of payment is also affect on the loyalty and satisfaction level of customer and overall affect on the productivity of website and contribution towards achieving organizational objectives.

The different characteristics of a website create a strong link between the booking of product and delivery (Meuter et al. 2000).

Actually shopping through internet itself is a main source of satisfaction due to some features like information, comparisons and other features of products and information about company and more is that many satisfaction considerations and issues are always remain in the mind of

Web developer and company also focus on them in order to create loyalty and finally achieving the customer’s satisfaction (Swan and Combs, (1976) and Lilien et al. (1992)).

In this way when website developer and organization is already have in their mind about the expectations and other features to bring loyalty and satisfaction among customers while in designing stage then the website will deliver the quality of services to the customers according to the expectations find out through research and marketing departments.

One more interesting feature of a website to its customers is that membership and reward system based on previous shopping because a very small gift can become cause of pleasure to a client and will enhance the loyalty and trust (Fortune, 2000).

Conceptual Framework

The researcher has designed the conceptual framework for the review literature about the research project, that how the review literature is linked with each other. First of all the internet marketing which is adopted by the most of the companies as a tool to implement their marketing strategies into market to capture targeted clients, so as per the needs of these clients, companies design the website and consider all those issues which are related with the customer’s needs and wants. In order to fulfil the needs of their client’s expectations, companies and web developers design the wed pages including considering all those features and characteristics to bring satisfaction to their customers. These characteristics shows the quality of products that triggers the client to buy the products and in this way by using the products and on the behalf of the results of products consuming, and delivered quality and by satisfying the client’s needs and wants, customers again come to buy the products again and ultimately it generates the revenue for the organization which is the main objective of each company.

  • Research Methodology

In this section the researcher will discuss about the research methods that how the researcher has conducted the research, which kind of tools the researcher has been used, how the researcher collected the primary and secondary data, and why the researcher has choose the case study method to prove that there is significant impact of website impact on customer loyalty, which is the main objective of this research.

The researcher will discuss about the number of sample that were selected during the research conduction by the researcher.

The research methodology defines the way, that how the researcher has conducted this research, the research methodology defines the pathway to conduct the research in a suitable and meaningful way to achieve the aims and objectives of research conducting, and it also describes the methods of gathering data to reach up to a result (Aaker et al. 2003).

  • Aims and Objectives

The researcher has selected the case study of pharmaceutical company to conduct her research with some objectives.

The researcher has following aims and objectives to conduct this research project.

First of all the researcher will find out the characteristics of a website that can create the loyalty among customers, and then the impact of effective websites on the customer loyalty regarding the satisfaction and quality, and third one main objective of the researcher is to know about the impact of those characteristics on the customer’s loyalty and in achieving organizational objects.

Because without objectives it is not possible to conduct a research and these objectives as discussed above will force the researcher to conduct this research in a meaningful way, the data will be interpreted by the researcher as discussed in second chapter for some results to achieve the research’s objectives. As through secondary research conducted by the researcher proved that now a day people’s trend of shopping has been changed, they now prefer to buy products and services online by using internet facility at their homes, in their offices by visiting the websites of companies. And one thing here is cleared that there is a trend now to do shopping online because people are more busy and they want quality and low prices and need more information and need easy way to pay the payment, and due to shortage of time or to save their time they prefer this way to buy products online. Now it is depend on the website that how much the website has the characteristics to capture more and more clients and retain old clients by creating loyalty and satisfaction in customers. When the website has all the features like the maximum amount of data available on the website about a product or service which includes the manufacturer name, brand name, capacity, volume, ingredients, expiry date of the product, ingredients, instruction of use, guarantee and warranty, money back guarantee, availability, its price and very important information is about the advantages, benefits and features of product as compared to its competitors, precautions are included. Similarly there are some other characteristics like during the designing of web page which kind of graphics to attract and reasonable combination of colour scheme was used, its means that outlook of the website is also important. The mission and vision about company must be given on the website in the company introduction and information about the raw material quality that shows the quality of product and reflect the social responsibility of the company towards its customers that they feel that the company is here for their betterment. The comparison of the price, according to quality and drawbacks of competitors is most important thing. Testimonial views about the results after consuming and opinion and suggestion part must be included in the website so that the customer if feel some kind of improvements can write its views and it must be appreciated via email or on telephone so that the customer feel happiness that company has gave him or her the importance to his or her views and information about the membership free of cost and benefits of membership and all other offers in seasons or related to free delivery, special discounts, free of cost contact numbers and feedback in order to retain the customers and create loyalty, because loyalty is always comes through these kind of features. The shopping carts should be there and calculator must be added here to calculate the money and different mode of payment must be there like some customers feel easy and happy to pay through credit cards, and some of them want to make payments through debit card and through direct debits and in instalments and some of them on monthly basis. These all characteristics influence the customers to create loyalty among the clients. And loyalty creates the satisfaction after consuming the products. The researcher has found out that there is a link between quality of product and satisfaction. And there is a link between effective website and customer’s loyalty, if the website has all above characteristics. The researcher come to know through review literature that people wants to buy products and effective website can bring loyalty and it is an opportunity for the companies to retain their old clients by effective website and through retaining in which loyalty and satisfaction by delivering them quality products it is possible to achieve organizational objectives.

To achieve research objectives, research design is very helpful for researcher to gather both secondary and primary data, and store the data gathered during research conducting, and after gathering data, it also defines the way that how data analysis can be analyzed by the researcher. There are different kinds of methods to conduct the research like descriptive research, causal research and exploratory research, basically research methods provides path way to researcher with many options to choose best among all as per the resources and according to aims and objectives of the research conducted by a researcher (Reinartz and Kumar, 2003).

Research methodology

Exploratory methods will be used by the researcher to conduct the research to achieve its objectives of research. The researcher has proposed the Pharmaceutical industry because by using exploratory methods interviews will be conducted by the researcher to gather the primary data and websites visits will be done by the researcher to gather primary data. The focus groups and meetings with the employees of the pharmaceutical company selected by the researcher are also includes as a part of this research, open ended and closed ended questions will be included by the researcher and questionnaires will be designed by the researcher to collect primary data and then data will be analyzed to find out the results, different graphs will be used to show that proportion of respondents and their responses will be recorded by the researcher in tables to make conclusions. Company website, annual sales and profit and balance sheets and statistical reports about the specific company will be analyzed by the researcher for gathering primary data. In order to find out the characteristics of effective website to create loyalty the researcher will conduct the interviews of more than 100 customers that usually and frequently visit the National Health Centres, Hospital and visit the chemist stores to buy medicines and check up and after medical check up they went to purchase medicines from chemist shops.

To satisfy customers and the goals and objectives of an organization can be obtained by offering the goods and services, by managing distribution channels, setting product prices, and executing and implementing plans and strategies by using electronic data (Strauss and Frost, 2001).

Sources: (EI-Gohary, 2011)

Selection of Case Study

The researcher has selected the case study as the research method because according to the aims and objectives of the research the best one method will be the case study. Actually the case study method which will be used by the researcher will provide qualitative research, because the researcher has limited resources like time and money to spend, as this research is academic to fulfil the requirement of academic purpose. Instead a large amount of people to select the sample size and further continue the research, so when the resources are limited then at that moment the best way is to select the case study method which is very convenient and suitable for reliable and valid results.

Case studies are the best and suitable way to conduct the research when resources are limited to gain results (Flyvbjerg, 2006).

In this way the researcher has all the chances and possibilities to conduct the research like staff meetings in details, on spot observations and directly meetings with customers and focus groups, whereas to meet with large amount of people require a lot of time and other resources to conduct the research. Case study method is also suitable for the researcher because it require less time and other resources because data gathering, data analysis and interpretations on small amount of data requires less time as compared to other research methods.

Case study is the best option selected by the researcher and it is the best way to conduct a research for better results (Feagin et al. 1991).

The researcher has selected the case study in pharmaceutical industry because this company is using the website successfully and all the characteristics to satisfy the customer’s expectations and needs by giving all the features in the website. And this company is running its business all over the world and capturing rapidly a huge amount of targeted people from all over the world and generating huge amount of profit.  

Now day with the usage of internet, organizations can get many opportunities to run their business and customer’s expectations are very important in supporting the organizational activities by using internet to achieve its goals (Porter, 2001).

Similarly the design phase of website has an importance while including all the features to develop the characteristics that can create loyalty and satisfaction at a specific level, and case study is the only way to get good results that provide a chance to observe work at running situation and while analysing the data gathered during data gathering (Zonabend, 1992).

The researcher actually has interest in the qualitative research because the researcher will discuss the characteristics of a website to create the loyalty and finally the satisfaction level among its customers to achieve organizational objectives. That’s why the researcher had interest in qualitative research conduction, the researcher will conduct some interviews from the customer of the pharmaceutical shop as well by contacting them on phone and meeting with the pharmaceutical’s company staff and researcher and marketing department and web development team in order to gather primary data and to make suggestions and opinion to create loyalty and satisfaction level at high level. In this way the gathered data will be of high quality and high reliability and validity which is most important considerations for the researcher to analyse the data and make suggestions. As the researcher has no previous experience about the research conducting so in the situation the most suitable method for the researcher to conduct the research is qualitative research as the researcher come to know through secondary data that in this way there is no much time consuming and quick response will be there from respondents and there are also many advantages of qualitative research to the researcher.

The instrumental research is referred the research conducted by researcher through observing the situation and collective research is referred the research which is conducted by the researcher through case study and when the researcher conduct the research by selecting one case (Stake, 1995).

Aims and objectives

Here the researcher will use quantitative as qualitative research by the researcher, because in this research the main aim of the researcher is to find out the answers of some questions during interviews of customers and staff members of the company.

How much amount of contents is given in the website about the products available for sale?

How much the website is user friendly like searching and other pages link, complaints handling and membership form?

How many people are happy to buy the products online?

Is the people think that they are secure while paying the amount through online system?

How much people relay on the web contents?

Has the website equipped with navigation tools?

Does the website offering calculator and different payment methods to the customers?

Does the website outlook/graphics attract the customers to visit again?

What is the speed of web pages to download the web contents?

Does the website offer the comments pages and comparison facility and price comparison?

How much quality of products and quality of services the people perceive from the website?

Is there any drawback of using website, and if there is or are drawbacks then how to eliminate them?

Does the contents of product given in a website are sufficient to create loyalty among the customers?

How many people are satisfied by the quality of website and actual quality of product they perceive after consuming the product?

Each website must have some characteristics to create successfully loyalty among customers to satisfy them which are given below in the table.

Serial #CharacteristicsDescriptions and Advantages
1Website contentsCustomers first of all search the products information, which includes the features of products and advantages and benefits over its competitors. These contents provide comfort and initially establish the relationship with customers if the information about a product are sufficient including price, brand name and all other information about the product, people actually relay on the contents and on the quality of product when they search for product and feel themselves that they know deeply the product and it creates confidence among themselves.
2Website design outlook and graphicsThe websites must be more simple and easy to understand the language should be used and the design must be according to the web contents. Basically different moving object actually distract the attention of customers. Always good design and colour scheme and graphical representation help the customers to perceive the message. Colours must be soft and light.
3Website navigationThis feature allow the customers to go on other pages from home page directly, it gives them an opportunity to move from one page to other or from top to down, it gives them the facility to go directly on the interesting portion.
4UpdatingThe clients actually encouraged by this feature of website, customer’s comments and suggestions have very importance, so by adding them in the website at particular place attract the customers and play their role in creating loyalty and satisfaction.
5Newsletter, articles, press releases, focus topics, research outcomes, programs, CEO statement, Registration number, photo library, media contact, collaborations, responsibilities, investors, careers, mission and strategy, quick links.Fresh and newly articles about the quality and performance of company or about the products and news in newsletters also attract the customers and help the companies to capture more clients, because by reading news and articles customers feel satisfaction and they move positively to buy products. in links like financial calendar, product pipelines, annual reports, research and developments, site map, advance research option and terms and conditions, and commitments and promises regarding data protection.
6Search engine optimizationSearch engine optimization actually referred to the marketing tools which are used to enhance the ranking of website on the world wide web through key words. Maximum number of key words enhances the chances of visitors to attract when they search through search engines available on world wide web.

So the researcher is mainly interested in the case study to find out the effectiveness of effective website in creating customer’s loyalty. Because the first step to build the customer relationship is creating loyalty, and customer’s satisfaction always plays it’s role in retaining them and capturing new clients from targeted market.

Data source for Primary and secondary data

Primary Data

First of all the researcher will design the effective and simple questions to gather primary data for research and after analyzing and interpreting it the researcher will find out the conclusions and will make suggestions.

After designing the questions the researcher will review them and remove all the errors and after getting feedback from respondents, the researcher will move forwards towards next stage of research. It is very important to design effective and right questions because the conclusion will depend on the responses and these will depend on the nature of research.

Here in this research after designing appropriate questions the researcher will move towards the next step of conducting research after selecting the sample size. The researcher will select the customers and focus groups and will arrange some meetings with the different department’s staff in order to collect the data from them.

Analysis and finding out the results, these activities are always done by the researcher, that is why data should be keep in well arranged form by the researcher itself, and procedures must be in the researcher mind before doing analysis (Crowther and Lancaster, 2009).

After collecting these data the researcher will record them in suitable form like first of all on the papers and then in computerized form. The researcher will use computer applications like Microsoft excel and spread sheets to avoid the duplication of data and minimizing the errors chances and will try to enhance the reliability and validity of data by critically analysis on it.

The researcher will conduct interviews because interview techniques provide the chance to get response to the point and it is faster way to gather primary data rather than other methods and in this way the chances of researcher opinion will be minimized up to a certain and significant level. And the focus of the researcher will remain on the aims and objectives of the research and in this way more reliable and valid data will be gathered by the researcher.

Secondary Data

The researcher has used many books with the tile of internet marketing, electronic marketing and electronic commerce, customers satisfaction and how to create customer loyalty and many more books, the researcher has been read out some journals and electronic journals to gather secondary data about this research topic and the researcher has read out company website, vision and mission statement and different websites to collect secondary data. The researcher read out articles from different sources which include blogs and lectures, and mainly it was on the research topic like characteristics of effective website and its design and link with quality and customer’s satisfaction etc.

Collection of reliable and consistent data is not an easy task, so the researcher must use reliable source and way to gather secondary data for more consistency according to objectives of research (Cooper and Schindler, 2006).

The researcher has the information about the limitations and benefits of secondary data. In by keeping these limitations and benefits the researcher gathered the secondary data to achieve the aims and objectives of the research, and every step the researcher was sure that the data gathered during the research is of quality and free of errors and mistake and is exactly according to the aims and objectives of the research.

Secondary data is always the combination of quantitative and qualitative data which is always collected by the researcher in descriptive and exploratory research methods used by the researcher during a research (Saunders et al. 2009).

Advantages and Disadvantages of Secondary Data

First of all the data may be so old and may be of no use because due to advancement in the technology and due to new procedures and change in the needs and trends of people, it might be possible that old data is of no more use, and the researcher may be detracted from the aims and objectives of the research topic. Old data may be expired and the available data is not of up to standard and of poor quality.

First of all the main benefits is the availability of large amount of data free of cost. It is the major and important factor of using secondary data. The researcher knows that it is time consuming to gather effective and consistent data from a large number of books and other sources. But one more important benefit of this type of data has maximum reliability and validity because the research was conducting on a large scale and large number of sampling was used in the conducting of research.


There are some advantages like to the point response, fast reaction/response as per the objective of the research and questions, the researcher used close ended questions, and in this way there is no time wasting (Saunders et al, 2009).

The researcher has designed the questions of open ended and close ended in order to get reliability and consistency and validity, during the interviews of customers and staff members of the pharmaceuticals company through questionnaires by asking the answers of different questions of open and closed ended, the researcher is interested in getting as well as the opinion of the customers and staff members of the pharmaceutical company due to get more and more data to interpret the data and find out the suggestions and recommendations. The researcher will ask some questions about their trends of buying the products from online by using internet and by visiting the websites of the companies. The researcher will ask some questions about the reliability of information given on the website and difference in the quality of product as given in the contents and after consuming, and will ask the benefits and their considerations of the websites.

The researcher will ask some questions about the loyalty and satisfaction near them and will ask some questions about the features and factors about the effective website role in creating loyalty and satisfaction level.

Statistical tools must be applied by the researcher in order to find out the results and the results must be of quantifiable means to make comparison in order to get clear and significant results (Easterby-Smith et al. 2001).

The researcher will ask to the customers about the designing of the websites and more facility that should the companies must include in the website that can play the role in creating more loyalty in the customers. The researcher will ask some more questions about the satisfaction level about the quality of the websites and how much effective are the website and some new features in their mind that during design of websites what are the main issues that customers must be consider while generating web pages.

The researcher will use very simple and easy to understand able language while designing the questions. The questions will be easier to understand and short.

The research aims and objectives plays an important role in gathering data about the research, there are many ways and methods to conduct a research, but it depends on the researcher to choose the best one methods to conduct the research and collect the data (Goddard and Melville, 2004).

There are some advantages and disadvantage of structured, semi-structured and un-structured interview, and the researcher will discuss them one by in detail.

In the semi-structured kind of interview the researcher has the opportunity to access the results of more reliability and consistency without any problem and bias of respondents. The information gathered through semi-structured has validity and reliability. The information gathered by the researcher using this type on interview is near to the nature of actual problem because the researcher has selected the real respondents to conduct the interview. In this type of interview the respondent is allowed to give its suggestions openly as per his experience.

The researcher need some special skills and techniques to design such type of questions for conducting interviews from different respondents to reduce the limitations which are associated with this type of interview and to get good results as per to fulfill the research objectives.

By keeping all the disadvantages of semi-structured interview the researcher has designed all the questions.

To get the response from respondents while conducting semi-structured interviews, the researcher is able to get very good results through this type of interview (Aaker et al. 2003).

Population and sample size

The researcher will include both of the gender males and females in research conducting because both gander used to go for shopping.

The age range is different the following table will describe the sample size selected on the basis of literature review that both male and female use internet for doing shopping.

Serial numberNumber of MalesNumber of FemalesTotal
150 50
2 3030

Age Range:

Male: 19 to 55

Female: 19 to 55

Actually sampling is the way to choose the people or respondents in a research conduction for response and on the basis of their responses the researcher find out the results (

The researcher will use simple random sampling methods to select the samples from the population. If all the customer come at the chemist shop will be the total population then the researcher will select every fifth person. This method is most ideal and there are some disadvantages of this method like it is not easy task, it is very tough to make the population list (

There are three types of simple random sampling, first of all there is cluster sampling in which the groups are involved in the research and the researcher is interested in groups of people for example, whereas in stratified sampling the sub population is decided and from them and then groups are selected by the researcher, and finally in simple random, randomly samples are selected by the researcher (Wikipedia, 2011).

4.         Research Findings

As in the last chapter it was discussed that the researcher has selected the qualitative methods to conduct the research in which the researcher will conduct the interviews and will ask some questions from the staff members of the pharmaceutical company. And the researcher will use the focus group discussion methods as well as to get respond for more reliability and validity of the data. The researcher come to know through secondary data that some characteristics of effective web site can create the customer loyalty and customer loyalty leads the customers towards satisfaction through quality of services and hence the organization will become able to achieve its objectives in well manner.

The wed development team and research and development department are the responsible for the development of such effective website that has all the discussed characteristics and offer a quality of service by web pages that can create the customer loyalty.

The researcher has designed such questions to find out the interest of the people and their willingness to buy online shopping to save their time and about their satisfaction level.


The researcher has decided to conduct interviews from the customers and meetings with the staff members of the pharmaceutical company and then conduct research on focus groups to get response.

For this purpose the researcher has designed the following questions to ask from the respondents.

No.1 Do you have internet connection at your home?

Yes                  No

Answers in Tabular Form (Question No. 1)

Internet Connection at HomeMale out of 50Female out of 30Total

The purpose of this question was to know about the using of internet, if no one is using the internet then he is not the sample size as the researcher has discussed that in random selection the main problem is to find out the actual population, and in this research the researcher has no found any irrelevant sample and all the samples have internet connections at their home.

The researcher has used chart in order to find the results with more reliability and validity with the help of percentage as this is most appropriate for understandings.

No.2 How much time did you spend on internet daily at home?

<1 hour           1<2 hours       2<3 hours       …………hours

Answers in Tabular Form (Question No. 2)

Time to spend on Internet dailyMaleFemaleTotal
Less than one hour257
Less than two hours131124
Less than three hours252145
How much if more than three hours 33

The purpose of the researcher to design this question was to know about that how much respondents spend on internet, this question was only asked by the researcher to know about the validity and confirming about the use of internet so that error chances must be minimized, when person going online for shopping and buy online he or she must spent about one hour because by reading the contents and making comparisons it take some time, so that is why this question was asked by the researcher.

No.3 What are the main purposes of surfing internet?

Check emails, Shopping, Playing games, Watching movies, Business purpose, Education, Billing and Payments

Answers in Tabular Form (Question No. 3)

Main Purpose of Internet usingFemale respondents out of 40 in each selectionMale respondents out of 40 in each caseTotal out of 80
Check email/Chatting303535
Playing Games5813
Watching movies213
Business Purpose111011
Billing and Payments283664

The researcher has designed this question to know about the main reason that why people use the internet, either they are interested in getting their education because many people from abroad they have difficulties in going campuses due to many reasons and they get admissions in online education system may be the people have internet connection and just for education purpose, and may be the people are using the internet for paying their utility bills and to keep an eye on their banking and credit banks accounts, the people now day use the internet for some other purposes like watching movies online because online movies are some time free of cost or by downloading movies are easy and cheaper, and some time people prefer to watch movies on their homes with their families and they avoid to go cinemas and sometimes the movies are not available on the shops so this may be a reason to use internet, similarly there are many reasons to go online to satisfy their needs, similarly for playing latest games online may be the mode of interest to go online, and for doing and controlling business transactions most of the people use online services, may be some people are on holidays from their businesses but they want to keep their eyes on the business updates, that is why they may use internet, because having internet connection does not mean that people have the internet connection at their home just for doing shopping online. It may be possible that people have their offices in other countries and they are living in United Kingdom and to keep in touch with their business transactions and to know about the business operations and to remain in contact with suppliers and distributors, people may have internet connections. And it is the possibility that people have the internet connections for the purpose of shopping because bow a day the trend of shopping has been changed because on the web site (effective website, the website with some characteristics is called effective web site) the information regarding products and services is sufficient with more benefits, advantages and features, like comparisons, price comparisons, discounts, sales, offers, memberships to get shopping rewards and careers and calendars, gifts, mission and vision statement, information about raw material suppliers and procedures, using instructions and many other kinds of information is available now a day, and one thing more interesting is that people want to save time and money so that is why they prefer to go online for shopping. There is no doubt people are connected with each other if they are employees or employer or business man, they have their email addresses and they are in contacts with other people so that is another reason to have internet connection.

Here the researcher has the responses of some customers and now the graphical representation of the primary data is there in the below graph to understand easily.

No.4 What are the main benefits of online shopping?

Save Time, Save Money

Better Service Quality, Satisfaction

Answers in Tabular Form (Question No. 4)

Mian Benefits of going Online for ShoppingMalesFemalesTotal out of 80
Time saving383573
Financial Savings353671

The researcher has designed this question in order to know about the benefits of customer they receive while doing shopping online, because there are many benefits of going online for shopping. And the Researcher is interested in to find the web site affects in creating customers loyalty. And the main thing is that the interest if the web site is offering some benefits to the customers that are in the interest of customers then it will automatically create the loyalty due to these interests and benefits. These days customers have their own interests in competition era, when the company is offering more and more benefits specially financial benefits and quality wise benefits then automatically the customers will attracted by those companies, and if the companies offered services and products quality meet the expectations of the customers then it more convenient for them to capture more clients from the market, and being online companies have more chance to capture new clients from all over the world.

Now due to World Wide Web (www) whole world become as global village.

 So main purpose of this question is to know about know the main advantage of customers to go online, and one thing more interesting is that people are quality conscious and they are also interesting in saving their time, and money, if a customer is living in other country then it is possible for him or her to make contact online directly with the company and can buy the product and in this way he or she will save time and money, and comparison he or she can make at the spot.

Now the graphical representation about the interests of people is given in the below chart, which is easy to understand for the people and examiner, and it will also helpful in making decisions and interpreting and in conclusions and suggestions.

No.5 What do you think that the contents of the website are easy to understand and give complete information about product?

Yes                  No

Answers in Tabular Form (Question No. 5)

Response regarding product informationMalesFemalesTotal Number of respondents

The researcher has designed this question to fulfil the requirement about the characteristics of effective website and this is the first and important factors that create the loyalty in the customers when no drawback of product is hidden from the customer. And customer thinks that the company has provided the relevant information regarding a product and in this way the customer after reading all the information about the product, he or she feels proud and confidence in himself or herself. And this is the first step towards the loyalty and after making comparisons with other competitors products and after making price and other comparisons it will create the loyalty among the customers, and when there is the loyalty and after consuming the products the customer will come to know about the quality and when he or she will find that there is no difference between contents and offered quality of product and his or her expectations, the customer will satisfy himself or herself and he or she will come again to visit the web site and will repurchase the product and tell the other friends and family and family friends members to buy the products and in this way the company will generate more and more revenue and will make more profit. But other factors the researcher will discuss in next questions. Now the researcher has made graphical representation of the primary data after storing it into tabular form as mentioned above, to understand in easy way.

No.6 What do you think that websites are most secure regarding money transferring?

Yes                  No

Answers in Tabular Form (Question No. 6)

Security regarding dataFemalesMaleTotal

These days many hackers and ant viruses are also there on the web site to attack and for capturing data for their purpose. So these threats are also there.

Now day people are afraid to make payments online, because people often use credit cards and debit cards or pay pall accounts to make payments or now some banks has offered to transfer money online which is most secure way, but while shopping if the company offer multiple mode of payment and make it sure that the data will remain protect and there is no chance of data stolen then the customers are more reliable to make payments online through debit cards or credit cards.

That is why the secure way and multiple mode of payments offered in the web site is another character of effective web site that will create loyalty in customers, because due to this feature the customer will feel more comfort and secure himself or herself and it will create loyalty, and this is the main objective of this research that how much effective website in creating loyalty.

Now after gathering the relevant data about this question from respondents, the researcher has recorded all of them first on paper sheet and then transferred them in computerized format and now for the examiner and for other purposes like analysis and making conclusion the graphical form will remain most suitable.

No.7 Does the website load quickly?

Yes                  No

Answers in Tabular Form (Question No. 7)

Website SpeedMalesFemalesTotal

This question is about the efficiency of the website because some people become irritate when the web site takes lot of time and some time the session expired due to late response from company main server. To avoid these kinds of problems that people avoid to use those web sites that load later and they prefer to use those website that gave quick response. In this regard the researcher has designed this question that it is the also the main feature of effective website, now it is confirmed that effective website must gave response to the customers at high speed, in this regard the company should use latest technology and latest computer as servers to gave quick response for capturing customers. And when the customer will visit the website and he or she will receive quick response then it will possible for organization to retain and capture more clients otherwise if the website will gave late response then the customer will avoid to open the link of that website and resultantly the company will lose many customer per hours by a little mistake.

The selected pharmaceuticals company has latest servers and their system is so good means updating of information regarding any query is so fast that know about all the features.

No.8 Is the website properly designed and optimized?

Yes                  No

Answers in Tabular Form (Question No. 8)

Optimization of WebsiteFemales RespondentsMales RespondentsTotal respondents

Optimization is the feature of the website, to search the website it is very important for the company to optimize the website so that when someone search through search engine, then the company’s website must be on the top ranking because people used to click on the links which are on the top regarding doing shopping on the top of the search engine and secondly the search engine in the website is the most important part of the effective web site and in this way the it become the characteristic of the effective website. People sometime want to search for specific results then through key words this facility must be there to find out the exactly information by remaining in the website to search the information. And the website must be designed according to all the features like while choosing colour scheme and other stuff.

The graphical chart has been designed by the researcher to identify the result about this question significantly.

No.9 Does each page of the website has contains the relevant information about the products?

Yes                  No

Answers in Tabular Form (Question No. 9)

Contents of the Website Pages regarding each productNo. Of femalesNo. Of malesTotal Number of Respondents
Total Number404080

As the selected company (Pharmaceutical Company) website all the features are included in the website and the website is effective and each page of the website has all the relevant data about the product but according to the title of the page, and this is another feature of the effective website. Sometimes the researcher has found that in some company’s website home page will full with the information but inside the website on other pages the information is missing, it creates bad and wrong impression on the clients and in the result the people did not go to click on those web pages and one thing is more interesting that the website should avoid to equipped with moving objects like birds and other moving object because customers did not like those moving objects on the websites because in this case their attention may be disturbed by moving objects and they may feel bad. Some time the clients is busy in reading specific information about a product and due to moving object repeatedly he or she may feel disturbance and stop working and closed the website.

No.10 Is the Web maps available at the website home page and is it beneficial for you?

Yes                  No

Answers in Tabular Form (Question No. 10)

Map Information about websiteMales respondentsFemale RespondentsTotal

This question has two parts designed by the researcher, in the first part the researcher is interested to know about the importance of web map and in the other part of the question the researcher is interested to know about the loyalty of customer and its effects on the customer’s loyalty of web map feature. The researcher know that every feature has its impact to create and increase the loyalty of customers, but some features have more impact like directly that increase the loyalty as well as satisfaction level also increased in the customers like when offered quality meets the requirements of customers or expectations, similarly each feature of the web site (effective) has its own affect on the loyalty and satisfaction.

Web map means that some social aspects and the web site can display on the mobile devices and on I Pods and on some other devices. These maps include information about weather condition, currency converter, monitoring systems for vehicles, traffic maps, timetables etc.

If yes, is this helpful for you regarding in creating loyalty?

Yes                  No

Answers in Tabular Form (Question No. 10-2)

Creating LoyaltyMalesFemalesTotal

As this portion was the second part of the question. As the researcher come to know through secondary research and through the meeting and questioning to the staff members of the company and come to know that web maps create loyalty in customers, because this feature provides such kind of information to the customers under one umbrella so that they use these kind of information free of cost, and they think that the company is caring about them at high level and offering them these kind of services free of cost. So to check this feature importance the researcher has designed this second question in order to know about the web maps facility and its impact on the customer’s loyalty.

No.11 Are you interested in more products online shopping in future?

Yes                  No

Answers in Tabular Form (Question No. 11)

Interest in Online as compared to Traditional wayFemalesMalesTotal

This question was asked to the customers that either they have interest in online shopping or not. So many of the people respond in yes, and majority of the people are interested in the online shopping, actually the researcher want to know about the main reasons and factors that why people are motivating towards the online shopping rather than traditional way. These customers already buying the products from the websites visiting but in the future they are ready to buy more products from the company’s website visiting to get more benefits and advantages.

If Yes, what is the reason behind?

Satisfaction, Loyalty, Quality, Discounts, Rewards, Time saving, Money saving, Security and Privacy

Answers in Tabular Form (Question No. 11-2)

Reason of repurchasingMales respondents / 40Females respondents /40Total out of eighty
Satisfaction meets404080
Loyalty Building404080
Quality satisfaction393776
Time savings404080
Money savings404080
Data Security393978
Web Maps363975
Easy to use354075
Time saving and low price (offers)373976
Convenient way of shopping353267
More reliable and Suitable383775
More variety, more alternative with comparisons404080

As in the response of first part of this question, when the respondents said yes that they are ready to do more shopping from the websites visiting due to the features they have the experience of them now the researcher has more interest in looking deeply that what are the main factors and motivators are there that customers are moving from traditional way to online way for shopping. That is why the researcher has designed this question. And after taking the response from the respondents the researcher has drawn the chart to understand the result in significantly so that data analysis is remaining and then the researcher will do more work on it like interpretation and make conclusion, now the data is only in the table form.

No.12 What factors company must consider while designing website to create more loyalty and satisfaction level?

More variety, Drawbacks of Competitors Products, Price Comparisons, Quality Comparisons, Volumes

Best Prices, Advantages, Benefits and Features of the product over the competitors products.

Comparisons of Prices and products

Answers in Tabular Form (Question No. 12)

Characteristics of web designMale /40Females/40Total/80
More variety353974
Best price393877
Price Comparison404080
Quality Comparisons393877
Drawbacks of Competitors Products403777
Features, Advantages and Benefits of all Products373673
More alternatives regarding Packaging, volume343771

This question was designed to know about the products and comparisons of competitors because the customer wants to know about the competitor’s products price and offered quality, in this way the customers may feel more comfortable himself and loyalty will more increase at is maximum level and satisfaction regarding quality and price. So that is why the researcher has designed this above question.

The researcher wanted that no any corner should left in order to find out all the factors that affect on the loyalty and satisfaction of the customers and the company can capture maximum market share from the market to earn more revenue and earn more profit by capturing and retaining the clients. The selected pharmaceutical company has about all the features but not comparisons features regarding price and quality comparisons and now day the customers focus on the quality and price factors very much as this has been shown in the below chart.

No.14 Is there any difference between offered quality and perceived quality of product?

Yes                  No

Answers in Tabular Form (Question No. 14)

Regarding Services Offered and Perceived

Difference in Offered Quality of Service and Products and PerceivedMalesFemalesTotal Respondents

This question was designed by the researcher to get the information about the customer’s satisfaction, that the customer’s who are using to buy online shopping from the selected pharmaceutical company are satisfied or not.

Regarding Quality Offered and Perceived (Question No. 14-2)

Difference in Offered Quality of Service and Products and PerceivedMalesFemalesTotal Respondents

Regarding Quality Offered and Perceived (Question No. 14-2)

Difference in Offered Quality of Service and Products and PerceivedMalesFemalesTotal Respondents

No.15 Which factors the companies should consider while developing websites?

Contents, Navigators, Comments Page, Products information, Calculators, Different mode of payment, Membership Form, Discounts, Colour scheme, Testimonials Information and their comments, Suggestions page, Price and quality comparisons of competitors, Career Page, User friendly, Competitors products comparisons all necessary.

Answers in Tabular Form (Question No. 15)

Factors and considerations while developing the websitesMalesFemalesTotal out of 80
Products Information404080
Different mode of Payments373875
Goods Colour scheme and attractive and easy design333972
Membership Form333467
Testimonial’s Information and their comments about the products results after consuming373875
Price and Quality comparisons373370
User Friendly323163
Careers page that shows the social responsibility333164
All the necessary Comparisons w.r.t Competitor’s Products404080
Research and development353772
CEO statement313364

This question was designed to know that if any company want to launch its website and offer the facility to buy online and do the marketing online then what factors the company must be consider while website designing.

No.16 Is there any drawback of online purchasing?

Yes                  No

Answers in Tabular Form (Question No. 16)

Drawback of Online shoppingMalesFemalesTotal

This last question was designed by the researcher to get the information about the drawbacks of online purchasing. This was very important. Actually the researcher want to know about the drawbacks of inline shopping in order to know about the factors that are affecting and improvements to remove those weaknesses.

Interview with Employees

The researcher has arranged a meeting with the staff members of the selected pharmaceutical company to gather primary data and asked some questions to them and collect the data.

What do you think about the importance of website?

The staff members including managers and web developers and other staff that handling complaints and daily business transactions and delivering department’s supervisors. In responding to the questions they told the researcher that today the world has become the village and the distances has been reduced due to new technology, people are living thousands miles away from each other but due to internet now it is possible for them to get information and buy products and they can book the order with no wasting of time and they can buy quality products and we are offering the best quality of products. Due to the website and internet yearly we are capturing 30% round about new customers every year and we are retaining the old client as well by providing them the quality services from order booking to delivering them the order. We focus on the quality of services and try our best to maintain the quality of services and we are trying to improve out services and we are trying to satisfy our customer at every cost. It is very important for us to create loyalty first of all among the customers and we are about successful in this way. Main important thing is the quality of services and products to overcome the problems of customers and understanding the expectations of the customers. By keeping all the characteristics of effective web site we updated and are updating on daily basis the company website and give the feedback and replied the customer’s queries well in time in order to satisfy them. Marketing strategies has been changed due to the era of computer science, and now the company research and development department is working on the needs and wants of the customers, the company main aim is to improve the quality of life, which is most important for us. Due to computer science era, now the communication has become so fast. We are also saving the cost of marketing strategies and marketing activities because we have no suppliers online from all over the world and the company has hired the best professionals from all over the world, in this way to provide best services and products the company has hired the research and development staff from all over the world and this way the employees are working in all over the world and we have warehouse all over the world and with the help of feedback, suggestions and opinions the company is giving more importance to the customer’s queries and opinions and suggestions to create loyalty and satisfaction.

Is there any change in the trend of buying online rather than traditional way?

Yes first of all before the online shopping and before the website development it was impossible to capture 10% new customers from all over the world but now a day the company is capturing more than thirty percent of new clients every year.

Now more than 60% orders the company is booking online, this means that now the trend has been completely changed and it will more change because in some rural areas of poor countries there is shortage of electricity and computer science and people are illiterate. But with the passage of time and more developments in the science and technology there will be more change in the trends. Because it give many benefits to the customers as well as benefits to the manufacturers. The customers has the direct relation with the company and in this way he or she has a chance to describes his or her expectations and level of satisfactions and his or her needs in a good way directly to the company, and by considering all those qualities and levels the company tried at best level to offer those products to meet the expectations of customers, and in this way the company is delivering best quality products and services to its customers.

Do you feel that what kind of problems customer’s face while purchasing online?

People are afraid while payments they done online. Because they are afraid that it might be possible that there is some kind of dough with them, and some time the customers are in need of a medicine on urgent bases but due to shortage of stock some time the company deliver the product sometime late. Secondly it is not an easy task to understand the expectations of the customers so that is why some time it is impossible for us to deliver the services and products as per customer’s expectations. And there are many issues with the website like the customers want calculators on the website, web maps and many other features on the website, like tracking systems and online transaction record and copy of receipt, but the main problem with them is to search the exact products, sometime the customers did not know about the exact product that meet their requirements and in such a way if the customer make contact with us then we suggest them the exact solution of their problem. There is no products and services comparisons available on the company website and customer are looking for it, they want to make first comparisons in price, quality and volume then they want to make a decision to buy or not, some other issues are also considerable like most of the new customer are afraid to make payments online. But when the customer buys one time our product or services then he or she become the loyal with us.

Is there any issue regarding website development and customer handling online?

We do not think so that but there are some major issues which are directly related with the website and customers, first of all the researcher came to know that computer science is every day changing, there are lot of changes in this field and it become the demand of time to make necessary updates in whole system. For example the antivirus system, complete backup storage and retrieving, coding, programming, integrating all the queries into one system is not an easy task, but any way it is demand of today business. On daily basis we received many complaints and suggestions and opinion to improve the systems and services, and 3000 employee are working in research department and in handling the customer’s complaints and some time they do not like to respond us well in time and ignored to reply. But it is the company’s duty to make a contact with clients and customers to solve their problem as soon as possible. The main problem these days is the comparison with competitor’s prices, volume of products and the quality. Customer’s need that there must be a wide range of products and alternative which is not possible. On daily basis updating the website in necessary but are some other issues are also related with development.

5          Analysis

In this chapter the researcher has described the data analysis on the primary data in detail.

In the first questions the researcher come to know that the majority of the customers are using internet in their homes, the primary data showed that 90% of the population has internet connections and 10% are not using internet connection at their homes, which shows that majority of the people has internet connection for different purposes.

In the second question the researcher found that most of the people spent time in surfing internet at their homes. The pie chart shows that57% of the people spent more than two but less than three hours daily on internet for different purposes, and 30% of the people spent less than two hours but more than one hour on internet. These two significant figures shows that people are using internet for some purposeful work.

In the third question the main objective of this question was to know about the reason that why people use the internet.

The above pie graph showed that 27 % people use the internet for online shopping and 24% people use the internet to pay their bills and payments and 15% people use the internet for education purpose, 24% people use internet for checking emails. And the 24% of the people are also doing shopping online and thus total become as 24% + 27%= 51% which is majority of the population.

In the next fourth question the researcher tried to get information about the benefits of online shopping the people do.

This above graph showed that people are about equally interested in main four benefits, they go for online shopping, 26% are benefited as satisfaction, 26% for quality, 24% financial and 24% for Time saving, means that all are getting same benefits.

In the fifth question the researcher has find out that web contents a feature of effective website has a significant impact on customers or not?

The result shows that 92% of the population has the impact of web contents, if there is detailed information is available about the product, then 92% customers are attracted by the website and it create loyalty among them.

In the sixth question the researcher has found that customers feel themselves secure, when they made payments through online, they do not have any problem regarding data stolen. They feel secure themselves when they are doing transactions online.

In this question the researcher main aim was to make it sure that, either people feel themselves secure, while paying through website. Because if people know that yes there is no any chance of fraud and misuse of their data, then they will make payments through online system either through debit card or credit card or through pay pall. And the respondents showed that 92% of the people have no complaints and they feel that money transferring through online system is secure. This is another character of effective website and these results showed that customer have loyalty and satisfaction on the company website and their policies and procedures. When people feel security it means that company is more responsible for their personal data securing. Remaining 8% do not feel security because either they may have any past experience of mistake or misuse of their personal data by any company or their data may be hacked by the hackers.

According to researcher analysis 92% is such figure that showed the reliability and validity about the response that money transfer through website is secure way. And customers have satisfaction and loyalty and believe on the company.

The researcher has responses regarding the speed of website loading time, because if the website take more time to load, then some time the customer become angry and prefer to open the website that respond him or her quickly.

This question was designed to know about the efficiency of the website regarding the speed that which kind of computer system and server the company has to run business. 87% of the respondents replied that the website of the pharmaceutical company has good speed, there is no problem they ever faced during the downloading of contents, but only 13% respondents have faced the website loading speed problem, and this problem is may be due to internet provider company systems and speed of internet. And the result showed that customers are happy with the high speed of website loading. And this is another feature of effective website that creates loyalty and satisfaction among its customers that do shopping online.

In the next question number eight the respondents replied that the website of the selected company has been designed effectively regarding its outlook, design, colour scheme and with proper key words for searching. Majority of the respondents replied that the website has contained all the necessary elements that are necessary to create loyalty and satisfaction among the customers.

The above pie diagram showed that 79% people are satisfied with the optimization of website, whereas 21% are not satisfied with the optimization of website because it is not easy task to design the website and optimized according to all people, but with the passage of time and as per opinions and suggestions the wed developer will improve it. Anyway 79% is successive rate. But this feature may need some improvements.

In the above figure, the 87% of the respondents showed their interest that individual page contents/product information is sufficient. But only 13% of the people are not satisfied with the information given on the individual page. The researcher found that the suggestions and opinion page has been designed to get the opinion of customer to make improvements in this way to make more effective website by updating the website design according to their need and requirements.

The above both pie diagrams showed that the website home page has contained sufficient information and very helpful information and 100% respondent are agreed with the design and with the contents given in the homepage are sufficient and they all were agreed that homepage contents are sufficient to create loyalty, because customers have to look into the website through homepage, that guide all the visitors, that what is inside the website. This page contains all necessary features about the website.

The researcher has found that 92% of the customer showed their interest in doing shopping online in the future and 8% did no showed their interest may due to lack of resources or they are not more satisfied due to some other reasons, now the researcher was interested to know about the reasons of more online shopping of more products online.

It is proved through the above chart that majority of the customers is interested in doing online shopping due to certain reasons like satisfaction, Rewards, Time save, Security at 100%, whereas some other reasons like they are loyal with the company and satisfied with the quality offered them in past, and all other reasons.

Here the researcher has found out that customer needs more information on the website in order to know about the competitors products that should be available on the website in order to create more loyalty and to improve the satisfaction level.

This above diagram showed that there was only 3% customers who have a difference in their expectations and offered quality of products, and 97% were satisfied at high level of satisfaction.

In the last question the researcher found out about the features of website home page that must be included in the home page to create more loyalty and satisfaction among the customers. They all are given below in the chart.

The researcher has found out the effective website features to create loyalty and enhancing satisfaction level among customers.

After meeting with the staff members of the company the researcher has found out that customer can be retained by offering quality of services and quality products and there are some certain features if the website contained all those features then it is possible to satisfy them at high level, through online shopping has an importance for the business organizations because due to internet technology it is now possible to capture more clients from all over the world but through efficient electronic marketing. Now people want to save their time and money that is why they are doing online shopping and it also depend on the website features to create the loyalty and satisfaction. Most of the people do not have such an issue while doing shopping online but there are some problems while handling them because they want more comparisons about the competitors products and some other features in the website. They are satisfied, but there is another problem with the knowledge of using website because marketing properly and online marketing effectively, and website features are the main factors that can enable them to create more loyalty and satisfaction level. Payments online is an issue with the customers because the customer are afraid of hackers, who steel the data online and can misuse the details and banking details and can take money from their bank societies. In this ways we need to improve our services. Customers mostly asked us about the comparisons of quality, volume and price with respect to competitor’s products and these moments we are in need of these improvements. One more compliant is that customers need very fast feedback regarding website updates and it is not possible at that moments, it takes time, while customer have any problem, our team look into the matter and tried at their best level to solve the problem. There are some other issues with the website like web maps, calculators, price comparisons, more variety, membership forms, discounts, and rewards, more information at product page needs improvement where these are necessary and some of them are important to include them in the website.

As per the response of focus groups the researcher noted that and analysed their discussions that there is no doubt that website has an important role in the capturing of new clients and retaining old client by offering quality of services and in time delivery. And one main thing is that the search engine optimization has its own impact. There company can create more loyalty and satisfaction level by adding all those features in the website as per needs and requirements of customers.

6.         Conclusion

Limitations of the research and conclusion

The researcher is a student and the researcher has conducted the research for academic purpose, and there were two main limitations, time and money. Being student, the researcher has afford all the arrangement by herself, all the expenses like refreshment to all respondents, travelling and all others like sitting arrangements and documentations. The other one main limitation was time, as she is a student and has conducted the research to fulfil the university requirement for completing the masters in marketing and innovation. Due to this limited time availability the researcher has chosen the specific number of respondents to collect primary data. The researcher has very short time to collect primary data from large number of population but the researcher has selected limited number of respondents to collect primary data. In order to know about the website characteristics that have influence on the customer loyalty, this was very short time, but by selecting the case study and conducting interviews of customers and staff members of pharmaceutical company and found that yes characteristics of website play an important role in creating the customer loyalty, and there is a significantly impact on the customer’s loyalty due to discussed characteristics. And due to these characteristics the website is called effective website. As per data analysis the researcher has concluded that through effective website customer loyalty can be created and as well as customer satisfaction also can be created. The aim of this research was to know about those factors/elements that become the characteristics of website secondly the researcher aim was to know about the effect of these elements/factors in creating customer loyalty and third one to know about the major element among all of them. So after analysis of the primary data and by keeping all the secondary data in the mind the researcher concluded that now day people are interested in the online shopping to save their time and for financial benefits, and to get good quality products to meet their needs and requirements. As per primary data gathered by the primary research the researcher come to conclude that there are many factors that together become a website effective and the efficient website can create loyalty and satisfaction among the customers and there are some other factors that can contribute towards more loyalty creation among the customers, so first of all the researcher will mentioned the factors that create the loyalty among the customers.

Serial No.FactorDescription
1Web DesignColour scheme, attractive colours
2NavigationMovements, link of pages, up down, left right movements of pages
3OptimizationSearch engine optimization
4Membership formTo become the member to earn points
5DiscountsOffers on buying online like (one buy one get free)
6Web MapsCurrency convertors, Weather condition, traffic maps, railway time tables etc
7QualityQuality of the products means expected output of the products, brand name, expiry date, volume, price, advantages, benefits and features of the products
8RewardsOn the basis of frequency of shopping in the past, and earning point free shopping or gifts
9Data SecurityPersonal data must be secured, no misuse of personal data, data must be secured like phone number, address, age, gender etc
10PrivacyNo one can trace the order and nature of the product if someone is interested in any specific products or service.
11Career pageCareer page shows that how much the company is social responsible
12CEO StatementCEO statement tells the customer that why the company is in the market, what is the mission statement with slogan and objectives and offerings.
13Different mode of PaymentThere should be different mode of payments, rather than one payment option like through pay pall account, debit card or credit card option or may be through telephone payments or through cheque payments.
14SecurityThe website must be secured from data hackers because peoples are afraid of personal data hacking and misuse of financial data. So the website must offer data security.
15SpeedWebsite and contents and web pages load speed effect the loyalty and satisfaction and retaining the customers.
16Feedback/opinion/ suggestion pageCustomers are interested in giving their opinions and suggestions about the improvements, so they feel proud of it, if their comments are appreciated by the web development team and the web developer make improvements in the website development for the ease of customers
17User friendlyThe website language the links, and information regarding each product must be easy to understand, and the product information must be in detail, because people are interested in it, as they want to know more and more about the product.

The researcher come to know that some people are afraid of the hackers that hacked the data and misuse the data like fraud from bank, and some people do not have computers and internet at their home. These above factors make a website effective and through effective website it is easy for company to create loyalty among customers by offering quality products. The primary research data showed that majority of the people consider the above factors as features of the website and they do online shopping and remain loyal with the company an feel comfort if the all above factors are included in the website.

Suggestions and recommendations

Some factors were missing in the website and thus some people avoid to do shopping online, like now a day people want to know more and more about the product in detail and they want to know about the comparison of competitors, they want to look at comparisons available on the website so that they can be recognize to make appropriate comparisons and feel more satisfaction among themselves and it will create more loyalty among them and they will again come to buy the product or services. Similarly there was lack of individual product detail on individual product web page, customers are interested in the more detailed information about each product, so the company must include the contents regarding each product in detail, and comparison like on prices, wide range of variety, quality of products, volume of the products must be given on the website. It will create more loyalty and enhance the customer satisfaction level. People will more move to make shopping online if different mode of payments online introduce in website for the ease of customers with appropriate data security mechanism and them through marketing activities the message deliver to the customers then it will more helpful, because some people avoid to do online shopping due to unsecure and only one mode of payment. Customers want that web development should appreciate them on their views and comments about the efficiency of website and features of the website so the company must understand the desire of the customers and provide them appreciation as per their comments and take in account their suggestions and opinions to improve the website in order to create more loyalty in the customers. The pharmaceutical company must try to handle customer’s complaints regarding delivery of the products well in time it will create more loyalty and improve the satisfaction level and quality of the services as well.

Further Research

There are many areas in which there is need of research to improve the efficiency of the websites and to create more loyalty. Through supply chain mechanism and customization of products can be more effectively area of research in this regard. The customer relationship department can improve the services in creating satisfaction. And there are some other areas like effective data security and other issues which are directly related to the customers, so in these areas more research can be conducted for more appropriate results.

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